Academic and Artistic Projects


Magdalena Online Festival – BODIES:ON:LIVE, Magdalena Festival

Ang Paglalakbay ni Madam Tseter sa Kumuniverse

Creator and performer of the MonoVlog series – 11 episodes.

Kumu – Ampalaya Monologues Channel. April 2021—present

Radyo Romansa Presents

Creator and performer. MonoVlog and live singing in Kumu.

Kumu – Ampalaya Monologues Channel. April 2021—present

Tawid sa Harbour

The title is a phrase often used by performance makers at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. “Tawid sa Harbour” (Head over to the harbour) subtly means “Let us head over somewhere to talk about what we just experienced.”

As an assistant professor in a university and a performance maker, I talk about theatre every minute of my every day. I intend to extend my class discussions and creative work in this podcast. I hope that we continue reclaiming our collaborative spaces and creating new public spheres in the time of the global health crisis.

Tawid sa Harbour podcast is available in Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, and Anchor.

VLF: Elemental

31 March 2021. View here.

Family Planning Organization of the Philippines (FPOP) MonoVlog

13 March 2021. View here.


MonoVlog x Dulaang KUMU

KUMU live performance of MonoVlog 14A. This performance is a Filipino translation and adaptation of MonoVlog 14 (presented at the Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies (ADSA) Conference 2020: Acts of Gathering in December 2020).

TALK EXCHANGE 2: On Performance and Artist Development Platform in Japan: Asian Performing Arts Farm (APAF) and Filipino artists participation (Moderator)

You may visit kXchange.org or view the video here.

ADSA 2020: MonoVlog 14 (Co-presenter)

Co-presenter of the performance-lecture at the Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies (ADSA) Conference 2020: Acts of Gathering

Click here for the abstract and performance-lecture.


(1 of the 7 Initiating Artists for Ripples)

Commissioned Works:

10 October 2020 Sunrise Rituals

24 October 2020 Noon Rituals: PH Remote Learning

7 November 2020 Sunset: Physical Distancing Relationships

21 November 2020 Salubong Rituals

E-mergen(t)cy Theatre and Performance


To respond to the call of the UP Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA) to frame remote learning as an “exciting opportunity to tap into our creativity, experiment on new ways of delivering programs and courses, and institutionalize innovations that enhance learning,” the College of Arts and Letter’s (CAL) Bahaginan through the Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts is responding to this call by creating a sequel to the lecture-series “K(no|w)Body, Intimate Conversation on Performance Praxis” developed on AY 2018-2019, which has featured lectures and conversations on dance and movement practices. The CAL’s Bahaginan through the DSCTA will be presenting brown bag sessions entitled “E-mergen(t)cy Theatre and Performance”. This will focus on possibilities and problems of theatre and performance in the time of the pandemic.


(Voice Actor)

For TATAG UP, click here.


(Performer, Dramaturg)

A series of MonoVlogs (Monologue + Vlogging) that has started on the first week of the Metro Manila lockdown due to COVID-19. Nieto and Bucoy are exploring new forms of doing and teaching theatre and performance using digital platforms. Nieto and Bucoy has produced 13 MonoVlogs exploring forms such as live diary, proof of life, health advisory and information, testimony, last will and testament, oracle, love proclamations, and #ProtestfromHome videos. The MonoVlog is adapted by Sining Banwa (a community theatre in Bikol), the Tanghalang Pilipino’s Actors Company (professional theatre company at the CCP) featuring Ms. Nora Aunor, and UP Los Banos’ Icebag Online (UPLB Alumni and Zamboanga artists).

Reflections on MonoVlog will be published in 2021.

MonoVlog 1

MonoVlog 2

MonoVlog 3

MonoVlog 4

MonoVlog 5

MonoVlog 6

MonoVlog 7

MonoVlog 8

MonoVlog 9

MonoVlog 10

MonoVlog 11

MonoVlog 12

MonoVlog 13

DiaVlog 1

DiaVlog 2

Nana Rosa

(Actor, Acting Coach)

UP Playwrights’ Theater’s Nana Rosa.

Sa Lilim ng Akademya


Interpreted Luna Sicat-Cleto’s “Sa Lilim ng Akademya” (poem) at the UP Diliman Linggo ng Parangal Opening Ceremonies.


Congressman Kalog


She performed as Mrs. Kalog in Tribute to National Artist Lauro “Larry” Alcala (comic strip performance), Bulwagan ng Dangal: Linggo ng Parangal 2019, University of the Philippines Diliman.

Lakad-Gunita sa Lupang Hinirang


Lakad-Gunita sa Lupang Hinirang (Opening Ceremonies).

February 2019 marked the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) community’s month-long celebration of its 70th year since the University’s transfer or exodus from its original campus or birthplace in Ermita, Manila to the flagship Diliman campus in Quezon City. The actual transfer of the UP Oblation statue by members of the UP faculty and students on February 11, 1949 symbolized the community’s exodus.

With the theme, “Lakad-Gunita sa Lupang Hinirang”, the series of activities featured a cultural program, an exhibit, a national conference, a theatrical play, film screenings, walking tours, and an open-air concert commemorating the UPD community’s shared history, national relevance, and social engagements throughout the past seven decades.

“Pag-alala at Paglulunsad”

UPD’s Quezon Hall lobby and Oblation Plaza served as the center of festivities during “Pag-alala at Paglulunsad”, the grand opening ceremony of UP Diliman Arts and Culture Month 2019 held on February 11, 2019. The night’s program was divided into four parts: Exodus (Pag-alis sa Lugar), Home (Paghubog ng Tahanan), Activism (Lakaran) and New Directions (Liwasan); and it showcased the most significant events in the life of UPD constituents through messages, poetry, imagery, music, and dance performances.

Source: UPD

Virgin Labfest 15


Tanghalang Pilipino and the Writer’s Bloc’s Virgin Labfest 15.



Liza Magtoto’s Pagsasarili at the Virgin Labfest 15.

Alpha Kappa Omega


Tanghalang Ateneo’s Alpha Kappa Omega.


APAF-Asian Performing Arts Farm (Tokyo Festival)

(Performer, Collaborator, Speaker)

Fellowship from the The Japan Foundation Asia Center and the Japan Foundation Manila. She collaborated with artists from Taiwan, Japan, and Indonesia to create the devised performance entitled, “A New Normal Cinderella: A Bedtime Story for Adults.”

(Com)modified Bodies: Body Technologies, Body Modifications (Exhibit)

(Gallery Curator)

(Com)modified Bodies: Body Technologies, Body Modifications (Exhibit).

Source: Tanghal-Kultura

Tulad ng Dati


JV Ibesate’s Tulad ng Dati at the Virgin Labfest 14.

Lawas: Site-Specific Installation Exhibit


Opening ceremonies of Lawas: Site-Specific Installation Exhibit.

Philippine Performance Archive


Philippine Performance Archive: Cultural Performance. Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Program (EIDR) of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of the Philippines.

Taludturan: Poetry of the Body

(Project head and Dramaturg)

TaludturanPoetry of the Body


Hilat! Aray!


Aurelio Tolentino’s Hilat! Aray! (Stage Reading) at the Tinig ng Pakikibaka of the UP Diliman Office for Initiatives in Culture and the Arts.

The Stories I Wish You Heard


02a: On Grazed Hearts

02b: Ang bulalo may utak. Puro puso tayo eh.

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