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Every class is a performance and every performance is a class.

Hi, I’m Olive. I’m currently exploring and experimenting new ways of making and teaching theatre and performance.

CLEARED!: El Traje Dela Cuerpo Conquistada

El Traje Dela Cuerpo Conquistada. Performer: Olive Nieto Playwright: Layeta Pinzon Bucoy Designer: John Carlo Pagunaling 3 Digital Performances: El Cuerpo Fantasma Secreta Vida Funded by the UP System ECWRG 2020-2-12C. Manifesting funds for an on-site performance!

TikTok: Feeling Gen Z

Feeling the Gen Z energyyyyyy!!!! hahahaha! Visit my TikTok account here. I started the Videoke Acting series on Tiktok, and created a special Christmas series called “Lamig-lamigan School of Gestures.” Choose your MAIN CHARACTER among our 12 Christmas Lamig-lamigan School of Gestures videos! Available on Tiktok and IG. The acting is so baaaaad but the…

One UP Faculty Grant

Woohoo! I was one of the nineteen recipients of the ONE UP Faculty Grant. Thank you, UP!


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