Reverse Videoke: I Won’t Last the Day Without You

Will be spending Salubong 2021 alone but maygad ang weird talaga ng mga trip ko!

Reverse Videoke via Kumu Ulebnieto

I sing/dictate;

My tablet/PC types the lyrics;

I will sing the new song composed by my tablet/PC;

I will try to do all the famous videoke shots and avatar dances (ipilit natin).

I will go live via Kumu.

Medyo kulang lang sa camera to show the lyrics pero i-push natin ang mental gymnastics ng set-up na ito.

Magbabasa ako ng tula ni Paolo Manalo! Pinahiram niya kanina!

P.S. And yes, salubong na but this is a study for my course pack next semester and for my future creative works.

P.P.S. Naalala ko lang kasi nung bata ako nakikinig ako ng radyo tapos sinusulat ko lyrics. Ganyan din mali-mali. Hahaha.


Premiere: MonoVlog 14A

Premiered MonoVlog 14A in Kumu!!! MonoVlog 14 was presented in the ADSA 2020 conference in Sydney. Layeta translated it to Filipino to create the MonoVlog 14A.

Lovely welcome from old and new friends!!! Salamat!!

Maraming salamat, JV! Ang saya ng Kumubabad kwentuhan.

Layeta Pinzon Bucoy, akyat ka sa susunod!

We’re still experimenting the MonoVlog via the ulebnieto channel in Kumu. I will also be performing IN-BETWEEN MONOVLOGS while Lallie is brewing our regular MonoVlogs.

Nakakagutom pala ito. Nakakaloka!!!

TALK EXCHANGE 2: On Performance and Artist Development Platform in Japan: Asian Performing Arts Farm (APAF) and Filipino artists participation

From the Komunidad X website:

The Asian Performing Arts Farm has provided platform for development of next generation artists in the region. Filipino artists have been selected to join its laboratory, exhibition and festival platforms for the past few years creating opportunities for international collaboration and co-creation. Join us as we premiere performances co-created in Japan by Filipino directors with an international team of collaborators via kXchange.Engage in our Talk Exchange via Zoom this Saturday Dec 5, 2020 to get to know about the artistic processes and challenges of intercultural collaborations and what discoveries and opportunities arise in these platforms.

This is Part 2 of 3 of the UTSUROI Live Archives Talk Exchange program. We will have Japanese translations and talk will mostly be in English (with provision for live captioning).

TALK EXCHANGE 2: On Performance and Artist Development Platform in Japan: Asian Performing Arts Farm (APAF) and Filipino artists participation.

Dec 5, 2020 (Saturday)14:00 Philippine Standard Time. Live on Zoom(The program will run for 2.5 hours)Registration is Free: (or scan the QR on the poster).

GUESTS: TADA Junnosuke (pre-recorded Interview video), Tuxqs Rutaquio, Issa Manalo, Lopez, James Harvey Estrada, Jared Jonathan Luna, Abner Delina

Moderated by: Olive Nieto

Asian Performing Arts Farm (APAF) is a development initiative under the Tokyo Festival that offers opportunities for artists in Asia to elevate their creative practice through mutual exchange, and expand their presence beyond national and cultural boundaries. The initiative was launched in 2002 as the Asian Performing Arts Festival with a view to promoting culture through artistic exchange between Asian regions. In 2016, it changed its name to “Asian Performing Arts Forum,” serving as a venue that brings young artists together. In 2018, Junnosuke Tada assumed the role of Director, taking over from former-Producer Satoshi Miyagi, who led the program for ten years. In 2019, APAF underwent a major remodeling, changing “forum” to “farm,” with the aim of providing “rich soil” for the next generation of artists to grow in an increasingly globalized age. The new logo, redesigned for 2020, adopts a free and flowing design.

PETA Roundtable Discussions on Creating Original Work

Ang masaya sa PETA people ay kung gaano sila ka-fun sa work at sa rooftop cast party ay ganon din sila sa roundtable discussion. Grabeng humility to assess yourself as individuals and as a company. Sulong sa experimentation!

Ito yung pa-activity namin ni Norbs Portales. Yung una kung ano nami-miss nila sa teatro at yung pangalawa ay kung may time capsule kaming ibabaon sa parking lot ng PETA, anong ilalagay nilang advice/tip/question para sa future generations ng PETA artist-teachers na maghuhukay nito.

Maraming salamat sa pag-imbita sa akin dito, Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA)!

Pwedeng panuorin ulit dito:

ADSA 2020: MonoVlog 14

MonoVlog 14 (in performance-lecture-MonoVlog format) premiere at the Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies (ADSA) Conference 2020: Acts of Gathering.

Grateful for the wonderful insights from all our participants, moderator Bryoni Trezise, and co-panelist Alex Talamo.

Jonathan Bollen and the ADSA committee, thank you for your work and for answering all my questions re. ADSA since March.

Forever grateful to Layeta Pinzon Bucoy for being so patient with our process (no internet, no camera, no stagehands, no motivation, 5-10 hours of phone call every month, during the lockdown and pandemic, etc.).

Shoutout to our MonoVlog followers and our ka-MonoVlog (Sining Banwa, Tanghalang Pilipino, Icebag Online)! Mabuhay kayo!

P.S. Layeta was my CO-ACTOR in this MonoVlog. Hahahaha! Iba siya!

P.P.S. Paano ko nalimot sa post na ito ang dahilan kung bakit ko kinarir na aralin ito??! Salamat, Oscar Tantoco Serquiña! I love you forever, classmate!!!!