TikTok: Feeling Gen Z

Feeling the Gen Z energyyyyyy!!!! hahahaha! Visit my TikTok account here. I started the Videoke Acting series on Tiktok, and created a special Christmas series called “Lamig-lamigan School of Gestures.”

Choose your MAIN CHARACTER among our 12 Christmas Lamig-lamigan School of Gestures videos! Available on Tiktok and IG. The acting is so baaaaad but the choices of music and sceneries (Baguio, La Union, Tagaytay, Bulacan, Manila) are awesome. 😂 Hello, theatre acting students! Module 1 is on embracing the cringe at our acting choices. Ito na palang videos ang resource materials ko. 😂

PS UP, walang bawian ng tenure. Philstage Gawad Buhay, walang bawian ng Orlina award. 😂

PPS Yes, all videos were shot in the presence of my family. Videos were recorded by my sibling and nibling. Shameless family mascot forever!

PPPS Check out the MORENA SERIES too where I try (I really tried haha) the Ms. Universe walk on different terrains. The song MORENA was sung by a former schoolmate, Roxee B.