El Traje Dela Cuerpo Conquistada

It is an auspicious day to post this aesthetic and functional poster (kalendaryo eh)! BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! Rakenrol creative process ito!

El Traje Dela Cuerpo Conquistada (The Trail/Gown of the Conquered Body)

The performance aims to participate in decolonizing narratives traversing the cultural and historical significance of saints, Maria Clara (image), and the modern-day Filipina by using the traje (trail/gown) as a device that intertwines the native and the foreign, and by recognizing the agency of the colonized body in the traje. The performance is divided into three parts:

El Cuerpo (Noli Me Tangere’s Kabanata 26: Bisperas ng Piyesta)
Fantasma (Noli Me Tangere’s Epilogo)
Secreta Vida (MonoVlog)

The performance is funded by the University of the Philippines’ Enhanced Creative Work and Research Grant.

El Traje is a work in progress. We have 3 scholars reviewing the work this October to give comments and recommendations to our team. We are still looking for additional funds to translate and place captions in English, and to adapt the digital performance to an on-site performance (as originally envisioned in 2020).

Viewing for selected guests will be on 21 October 2022.

If you wish to watch the performance (hopefully in November), kindly fill out the form: https://forms.gle/SXvrnQoUk8haotQSA

*Special thanks to Ige Ramos and Michael Bernal for your brains and generosity. 

TEASER: El Traje Dela Cuerpo Conquistada

Noli Me Tangere > History is like chismis.

Sapi > theatre muse

Digital > inabutan kami ng ECQ, MECQ, monkeypox, atbp delubyo sa Pinas

Maria Clara = Me (?)

Me = (X + Y) + Z


X = Digital Performance

Y = Sapi ng Muse

Z = Rizal is still very relevant

Last leg of our 18-month (or more) project. Thank you, UP ECWRG for the pera to support our slow performance making.

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Some posts contain related papers where I also write about the performance for a conference or a book (naks! artist-scholar yarn?).

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PSi: MonoVlogging Hunger: Online Dramatization of Food Inaccessibility in the Pandemic

Layeta Pinzon Bucoy and I will be presenting “MonoVlogging Hunger: Online Dramatization of Food Inaccessibility in the Pandemic” at Performance Studies International (PSi) #27: Hunger 2022 next week.

This performance-lecture is part of the several experiments for my UP Enhanced Creative Work & Research Grant (ECWRG 2020-2-12C) creative work titled” El Traje Dela Cuerpo Conquistada (The Trail/Gown of the Conquered Body),” written by Layeta P. Bucoy and design by John Carlo Pagunaling.

IFTR Encounters

University of Iceland

University of the Philippines Diliman contingent

Was invited to the Asian Theatre Working Group dinner

with Dr. Alex Boyd (University of California at Davis)
With Dr. Paul Rae (University of Melbourne) who was my adviser during my summer school at the National University of Singapore
With Dr. Richard Schechner