The Collaborative Actors Prepare

In this 2-part episode, Zheg Arban and Janna Cortes share their collaborative preparations as student actors for performances before and during the pandemic. We delve deeper into how collaboration in acting activates a safe space to make your co-actors and alternates an enabling presence to your growth on the stage and in life. They provide tips on how to make your acting journals your best friend.

“The Collaborative Actors Prepare Part 1: Collaborative Acting in UP Playwrights’ Theatre’s Nana Rosa” includes a glimpse of my training for student actors as “emotional athletes” through embodied dramaturgy.

In “The Collaborative Actors Prepare Part 2: Actors as Collaborators,” Zheg and Janna reveal how they bring the collaborative acting process into their respective Dulaang Laboratoryo thesis productions and creative works.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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