Radyo Romansa Presents (series)

Creator, performer, producer. MonoVlog and live singing.

Kumu – Ampalaya Monologues Channel. April 2021—present

The MonoVlog is studied at the UP Diliman Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts and is studied as the leading virtual theatre/performance genre in Metro Manila and nearby regions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Performance-lecture of the MonoVlog and conversations on virtual theatre-making.

Uleb Nieto and Layeta Bucoy’s MonoVlog Series

Featured Performance for Virtual Performing Asia of eKomunidad Asia Performance Festival organised by Komunidad X and Japan Foundation Manila.

Free viewing. Streaming on from 9pm Friday November 5, 2021 – 9pm Friday November 19, 2021


MonoVlog became a series of original digital performances probing lockdown experiences in response to national affairs. Its form is bundled as a proof of life, a COVID 19 health advisory, a private Zoom conversation, a tribute to frontliners, a testimony, a death folder, a shoutout video of advocacy groups, a set of community-led responses to the pandemic, and a #ProtestFromHome movement. The form is being adopted by the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Tanghalang Pilipino, the Bikol community theatre Sining Banwa, and the performance group Icebag Online. In the end, the process of creating a MonoVlog is a testament on how quarantined performance-makers in the Philippines reimagine the future of performance by innovating efforts to make an emergency shift to digital platforms, and by creating virtual communities in the time of the “viral” and the virus.

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