MasterClass: Nancy Cartwright

If you love Bart Simpson or animation, I suggest that you enroll in Nancy Cartwright’s course. This has been the most helpful and enjoyable class for me. Cartwright talks about her voice actor background, vocal kit, and voice acting choices. She paints a picture of the rehearsal and the network of people she works with in creating unique characters. She then proceeds to a lecture-demonstration, going through the script and building a character with you. There is a fabulous story here about Cartwright replacing Christine Cavanaugh in Rugrats. Lastly, she highlights the importance of having mentors and a circle of friends who will give you feedback on your work.

If you are creating a digital course pack for your class, this is a great template (from setting up your recording space to using your voice for change). The visuals are amazing! Cartwright and her animated version are lovely!

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