Monoscopes 2()2(1): An Online MonoVlog Festival

The world on lockdown. Please stand by.

UP Dulaang Laboratoryo and UP Diliman MATA presentMONOSCOPES 2()2(1)”An online festival that presents original Filipino MonoVlogs (Monologue+Vlog), a new performative genre that harnesses the aesthetics and viewing experience of various online platforms, to shed light on the various facets of human experience during the pandemic.

The festival is a project by the students of Theatre 298: Special Problems for the mid-year semester of 2021. The performances will run through August 27th and 28th at 8PM and on 29th at 3 PM and 8 PM.

Watch through our official YouTube and Facebook pages:

College of Arts and Letters Youtube Channel –

MATA@40 Facebook Page –

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