Theatre in Drag, Drag in Theatre

We invited MC BLCK to talk about theatre in drag and drag in theatre.

MC BLCK / Lyg Carillo is a Theatre and Drag Artist doing arts advocacy work for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Sharing the art of drag in the theatre world, s/he has worked, collaborated, and performed with several artists here in the Philippines and abroad.

Currently, s/he is pioneering the First Drag Academy PH (2021), an arts program designed for Aspiring Drag Artist of all genders.

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1 & 5 Feb Tawid sa Harbour

Tawid sa Harbour in Kumu (and in podcast soon!)

I have been using Kumu as my playground in testing ideas (for class, course pack, paper, proposals, etc.) and in creating MonoVlogs. Grateful to friends, strangers, and even bots for being my fabulous collaborators.

For National Arts Month, I have set my intentions for my research and creative work.

Here are my offerings this week:

1 Feb

Isang Taong Walang Teatro (Chika-Tambay)

“The art of acting consists in keeping people from coughing”… Literally and figuratively in the time of COVID-19

5 FebSapi (MonoVlog)

A seance to recall the spirit of the dead theatre

Pasok sa KUMU. Collab tayo.

Kumu: Tawid sa Harbour

I am testing my stamina in live streaming via the KUMU app starting this National Arts Month (February).

The title is a phrase often used by performance makers at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. “Tawid sa Harbour” (Head over to the harbour) subtly means “Let us head over somewhere to talk about what we just experienced.”

I hope that we continue reclaiming our collaborative spaces and creating new public spheres in the time of the global health crisis.