Remote Learning: Week 7

Remote Learning: Week 7

I just became my student’s family member today. Haha. This chat was the prompt for our module on Spaces and Places as this remote learning set-up disrupted how we redefine places, spaces, and even non-places.

Confusing pa rin ang space na ginagamit sa set-up ng remote learning kung saan nasa bahay sila at naririnig mong inuutusan sila sa ng nanay nila habang may tinatanong ang titser. Ang nanay nakakalimot din na nasa klase ang student at biglang nauutusan kasi siya ang mas nakakatandang anak. Ang ending, sumagot ng pabalang sa titser yung student pero nag-sorry nang na-realize ang nangyari. Ako rin na-confuse kasi nagtitiklop naman ako ng laundry at nagluluto ng tanghalian habang nagpapatakbo ng klase tapos may naririnig akong nanay na nagagalit sa Zoom. Napa-flashback ako sa moments ko sa nanay ko pag nagagalit.

I got sick last week with all the repairs and improvements to my flat (wow flat) to make this space conducive to living, teaching, and learning. LEGO prepared me for these activities so okay lang. I had to reintroduce myself to my flat, and to make it understand what I need from it to survive remote learning and this pandemic! Yes, I talk to my flat! Bakit ba?!

I set up zones and named them after objects that I often use just to help me interrogate my current liminal space (wow liminal, magamit lang):

(1) The Desk-shelf Zone for work. In between classes, I juggle clubs/balls. In student-led discussions, I like walking around the room. This is where I do ALL my work. I don’t “work from bed” anymore haha. Confused ang katawang-lupa ko pag nag-o-overlap ang zones. I also eat snacks during or in between classes. I place a trolley cart for snacks near the desk-shelf (Pinoy version of the Hogwarts Express: chocolate-covered raisins, mixed nuts, tea, cookies, cup noodles, juice, water, etc.) to avoid crossing the kitchen zone.

(2) The Low Table for sustenance. I eat here. I use this as my reading nook. I listen to podcasts or webinars here. I receive video calls from my family and friends here.

(3) The Yoga Mat for my playground. Walis-walis din ng bahay at donate-donate din ng mga hindi na ginagamit na gamit para may playground. I brush up on my hula hoop, yoyo, and kendama tricks here. I massage my back using the tennis ball method (Google it!) here. I sometimes wear my merfins/long and remember lessons I learned during mermaid/freediving training. Gamitin na rin kasi nag-invest ka na nang mahal sa mga gamit na hindi mo pa magamit. Kaloka.

(4) The Gudetama Toy for naps and rest. Look at Gudetama. Follow Gudetama. I take power naps in between classes here too.

I’m encouraging all my students to redefine their spaces and rituals in remote learning in their own ways. Sana sumunod din na ma-redefine ang new relationships and family dynamics.

Marami na ako utang sa Lazada at utilities. UP, beke nemen.

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