KUMU Blue Check

To add to my experiments on online performances and to teaching performance in Zoom, I auditioned to get my Kumu account verified. I was given 1.5 minutes to perform inside this tiny box for 2255 viewers. Oooh the excitement (felt like vomitting every minute) of putting myself out there. I performed my favorite character MananangGAL GADOT.

Of course, this would not be possible without the support of my beloved community in Kumu:

Euphoria Family (special mention to Ate Glo, Jayr, and Paul who rehearsed me every week), The Chat (my Kumu mentor JV, Mark, and my favorite classmate Emman), Team Amplaya, BB Squad, Team Hubient, Lala Circle, every artist who collaborated with me and watched my performance, Carlo Pagunaling (for his wig), and Layeta (co-creator of MonoVlog).

I wanted to remind myself of and to instill in my students the value of auditions (prep to performance), the discipline we learn in theatre, the community we build in performance making, and the joy of earning your viewers through content that matters to you.

Karlito said YES and gave me my blue check (this means that I am now a featured live streamer with a bigger audience). Special pa because this was the season finale of OTS which featured women live streamers on International Women’s Month. Sulong, Babae! 

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