8 & 12 Feb Tawid sa Harbour

Another Terrible Idea

Tawid sa Harbour in Kumu (and in podcast soon!)

I have been using Kumu as my playground in testing ideas (for class, course pack, paper, proposals, etc.) and in creating MonoVlogs. Grateful to friends, strangers, and even bots for being my fabulous collaborators.

Salamat sa aking surprise collaborators last week na sina Emmanuel Feliciano at Bienangela Mapagu! We will release our MonoVlog (or DiaVlog or Greek Chorus na ba ito?) soon. Hintay lang. Oras lang kalaban.

For National Arts Month, I have set my intentions for my research and creative work. Here are my offerings this week:

8 Feb

Pausong Performances and More (Chika-Tambay)

On digital performances, and “Ay! Hindi theatre yan!”

12 Feb

Manananggal Acting and Pambahay Aesthetics (MonoVlog)

Pasok sa KUMU. Collab tayo.

*Costume and photo by CVP; Make-up by Yette Valenzuela

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